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Accepted Solutions (1)


1.Click-throughs represent a) campaign instances, and b) marketing channel instances.

a) Campaign instances reflect the number of times that a tracking code for a given campaign was passed into reporting. When a visitor clicks on an affiliate link that has been tagged with one of these tracking codes, the visitor is taken to your landing page and the tracking code is captured in s.campaign. That data is sent into reporting and a click-through is recorded.

b) In the context of marketing channels, click-throughs are the number of times a hit was bucketed into a marketing channel.

Click-through rate is the way to measure a web advertisement's effectiveness. The click-through rate occurs when a user follows a hyperlink (usually a web advertisement).

Click-throughs in data warehouse are called "campaign views."

2.The Video View-Through Rate is the number of videos watched divided by the number of impressions (times a page loaded with a video.

3. "view through conversions" | are conversions that occur after a user has seen an ad but not clicked on it) require few implementation tweaks. based on the scenario that where is that campaigns is being served . If the campaigns serves on web site than we can achieve this by certain implementation tweaks. Using campaign stacking concept which help us to identify the channel which user using to view that respective campaign.

Using campaign stacking plugin and eVar we can get numbers where we can justify the how many users view the campaign and successfully converted.

Scenario , user visit you website view cmp1 and left the website but after few days or hours he visit again but through different channel ( email or seo ) and got converted. Campaign stalking makes map (Direct>Email .. so on depending on the channel) and give credit to the first or last channel.

One eVar will be used to campaign stalking and other will hold the name of the campaign which later on correlated to get the report.

VTR is Calculated as (View through/Impressions) *100

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Answers (1)

nidhik 15-05-2018


Click Through (CTR- Click Through Rate) metrics has an immediate response of clicks and can be calculated as :

(Clicks/Impressions) *100

Whereas View Through (VTR – View Through Rate) metrics is not an immediate response. It’s an additional value metrics for display campaigns and a behavior that can be expressed as site visits, events, conversions and can come through a direct type-in after seeing the ad or the click based on another marketing channel.

Calculated as (View through/Impressions) *100

Hope this answers your query.