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fazila_rasul 15-10-2015


I recently created 2 new tags and implemented them on my site. I'm pretty sure they're implemented right and there are no issues. 

In the AMO interface I can't see the tags. I can see only one tag under the Admin - Transaction properties tab but cannot create a column for it when I go back to the Search tab under my account. 

I've completed multiple test transactions to verify the tags but am still struggling, I'm not sure where to locate the tags to view the transaction properties. They won't even come up in any report I run. 

Very confused! 

Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated. 



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Mary_Ca 15-10-2015

Hi Fazila,

The properties tracked by your tags are visible in Admin > Transaction Properties only after Media Optimizer has actually tracked at least one occurrence of those properties.

To add the property that you see as a column in reports or campaign management screens, you need to enter a Display Name for it in Admin > Transaction Properties.  You can find help on that by searching the help (available from Help > Help Contents at the top of any Media Optimizer page) for "Change the Transaction Properties Available in Management Views and Reports."

If adding a Display Name doesn't work, or if you're sure the other property you are tracking should have received hits, then contact your Media Optimizer account manager, or send email to <your Media Optimizer user account>@support.efrontier.com (such as mylogin@support.efrontier.com).

  Mary Carriger
  Technical Publications Manager, Media Optimizer

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

fazila_rasul 15-10-2015



That hasn't really helped with my issue. 

On of the tags has appeared on the account and the other has not. The tags were created by our adobe contact however I noticed a spelling mistake in the tag labelling would this hamper it's ability to fire? As I am based in the UK and they are in the US it is difficult for them to offer us on the spot support and I need to know asap before I take action.