Some AMO/Generic Questions




Kindly address the following Questions, that I came across, while starting to learn AMO:

1. What are 1st, 2nd, 3rd Party Audiences?

2. What are Inbound/Outbound Campaigns?

3. What are Search, Social & Display?

I am aware that Search refers to the Search Engine Optimization techniques, that will enable the web site to be listed easily by the search engines, like Google Search.

Social is Facebook, Twitter, etc.



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Hello Rama,

Thank you for rasing these questions but i must say all these topics are very vast and need to read above mentioned links but below is a brief definations for your questions :


Data collected directly by the organization.

  • Web behavior
  • Survey responses
  • CRM


A Partner’s 1st party data.

  • Data shared between a credit card company and a co-brand partner such as an airline
  • The airline provides loyalty program data to the credit card company


Aggregated data from other sources and can be purchased.

  • Data purchased from providers like Bizo, Exelate or Acxiom
  • Demographic data


There are many define of outbound and inbound marketing one way to understand it is as follows :

Outbound Marketing:

It is old fashioned marketing which is difficult to track and which pushes products or services on customers


Inbound Marketing:

Marketing strategy that relies on earning people’s interest instead of buying.


Search Marketing :

When we are using search engineer result page for marketing or search partners of famous engines ( Google or Bing) for marketing it is called search marketing.


Display Marketing:

Marketing on various websites, applications with text , banner and video ads


Social Marketing

Marketing using different social media tools like facebook, Twitter is called social media marketing 


I hope this is of some help.



Sahil Vohra

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Answers (4)



Hi Tanmay,

I will definitely start going through these resources.

Meanwhile, to get me going, if you could answer my questions, I will be grateful to you.

I am actively working on a proposal in these lines and have immediate deliverables.




Community Manager


Hi Rama,

Thanks for putting up these questions to the community, we are happy to address them. 

These 2 videos below by Pete Kluge shall clear your understanding about DSP, DMP, types of audiences etc

Also, I would highly recommend going through the Adobe Media Optimizer youtube channel videos:

Search Advertising refers to placing your Ads on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc when certain keywords are typed in.

Social refers to placing your ads on social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

Display refers to placing ads on websites which are part of the display exchanges/ networks. 

I hope this would help in answering your questions.




When I analyze, I realize that I have these questions because I am new to Marketing.

These terms DSP, DMP are also sounding new.

A one pager or two with all these terms, their meaning and their inter-connection architecture will help a lot.