QA tags affecting AdLens

Jessica_Fischbo 17-10-2016

Hi, my name is Jessica, I’m working with AMO, I need some support about tag media on AMO or AdLens. How can I see and adjusts this tags? I need know, what’s the QA tags affecting AdLens.


Thanks for the support. 

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Jessica Fischborn wrote...

Hi Manu, but I dont want generate new tags. I wanna configurate the conversion tags existing. Do you know wat I mean?



Thank you.



AMO does not store conversion tags generated historically. The Conversion Tag tool basically just generates the tag in the correct format based on the settings at that point in time. Once you are familiar with the format of the tag, you can make amendments even without using the tool. If you are deploying the tags directly on-site, we recommend keeping a tagging doc that keeps a record of location-URL, logic and tag code.

Alternatively, the preferred way to deploy AMO tags is using Adobe Activation/Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM). With this method, the tag code generation step can be skipped and DTM acts as your AMO tag repository.

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Answers (4)



So you can generate them here. Channel (Search/Display/Social) > Tools & Settings > Conversion tags.

You can specify settings and generate tags.



Jessica_Fischbo 17-10-2016

Hi Manu, thanks for answer.

I'm referring about AMO conversion tags. I need to know, where I adjust QA tags affecting AMO performance.


Can you help me?


Thanks for support.