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Jakub_Drhlik 14-01-2016

Hi All,

I would like to know if someone has integrated Google Adwords with SiteCatalyst. I have not really found any good articles so far so any advice would be appreciated.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ryanpraski 19-01-2016

Here is a link to an Adobe post that provides a "Partial Fix for Losing Google’s Paid Search Terms"


You add the Google AdWords ValueTrack parameters to the destination URLs for your Google Paid Search Ads and can capture:

  • AdWords keyword that caused the ad to appear
  • Match type option of the keyword that triggered the ad
  • Ad position of your ad when it was clicked (e.g., “1t2″ is equivalent to page 1, top, pos 2)
  • Site where the visitor clicked your ad



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Answers (10)

Locutus243 01-12-2017

Yeah...our media agency do it for us and from what I understand the keywords and URLs don't change too often (I was concerned this was a huge amount of work).

But what it does is allow us to see visits from each different keyword and then use classifications to segment by Keyword Group and Campaign.

It's given us a level of granularity to be able to audit our last touch marketing channel by keyword and this has helped us towards trying to pinpoint where there were issues with the way the marketing channels were set up. 

alv123456 10-11-2017

Hi, did anybody have experience with the ValueTracker parameters solution? Did it work? We also want to switch Adwords to Adobe but don't have Adobe Media Optimizer.

Locutus243 25-10-2017

We have marketing channels set up with a query string parameter appended to each URL we use within Google AdWords. So to get round the fact Google no longer sends through search terms we specify it as part of the query string. (e.g. then have a processing rule set up with a regex which pulls out the 'searchterm' into a seperate report under the last touch channel detail.

Is this a solution? Or am I missing something and should be using the ValueTrack?


Guest 19-10-2017

Hi Jacob,

Check this Adobe AdWords integration through Data Source using the gclid as a key. The advantage is that it imports cost data at the click level, so you can create a calculated metric in Adobe like ROAS.



jchuck5612 01-09-2017

Hi juanne​ - what is the purpose of that AMO Connector to Adwords? I went to the link but it wasn't obvious what the connector did? I might be useful but I have no idea

Jakub_Drhlik 15-01-2016

Thanks Tanmay for your answer.

The business is moving towards the Adobe suite so having one single view is required. And because Google is hashing the paid keywords there is no visibility of paid keywords at all. I was thinking of integration just some key metrics from Adwords, such Cost, Clicks and so on..

I have looked around and seem like using data sources load could do the trick?

If you have any other suggestions please let me know.



Community Manager


An integration guide is available for integrating Google DFA but for Adwords I would have to ask around. Could you tell me what are your objectives for integrating these two?