Noob alert! :) Adwords question here :)



Hi! I have some questions about your advertising service.

If I understand right - you're offering a marketing automation platform.

So, can you pls tell me what features do you have for Google Adwords? Also I would like to know such things:

1. Do you working with adwords accounts which already exsists or you can create a new one? 

2. Hows your processing going with promotional budget? I mean, do I need to pay for Adwords by myself, or I just need to add funds to my account balance within your service, and then you'll send funds to Adwords? If yes, what fees do you have and how long the payment will go, do you have some holds?

Thanks for your time! I'll wait for your reply!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Please see response to your queries below:

1. Advertiser should have its Google AdWords Account to link with Ad Cloud Search (AMO) to start working. Either an existing Google AdWords account or a newly created one can be linked to Ad Cloud Search Platform.

2. Ad Cloud Search (AMO) has a separate billing than Google AdWords and doesn't look after Google's billing. Usually Google Auto deduct the payment from the payment details mentioned in the account.

Hope this helps.




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