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Newer to Ad Cloud, and I'm curious about it's integrations with Adobe Analytics and then ultimately Adobe Audience Manager. Is Ad Cloud able to pass display media exposure back to AA, and then have this forwarded via Server side forwarding to AAM?

If there's a write up on the benefits of using AA + AAM + Ad Cloud that would be wonderful too.

Thanks all!

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Hi there,

The answer is yes to both of your questions

Advertising Cloud is able to pass data in Analytics via our server to server integration for us to understand if the ad impacted the consumer to visit the website. For example, we can capture view-through data and understand if someone saw the display ad (delivered via Advertising Cloud) and then went to the advertisers' web page a few days later (via the Analytics pixel on the web-page), we can capture that as a view-through conversion and say the ad contributed to the person visiting the website. From there, Analytics can understand other ways users are interacting with the web page (bounce rate, page views etc.) to help create audiences to re-target, or build look-a-likes (via pushing Analytics segments into Audience Manager). Additionally, we can create audiences via Analytics data and push those audience segments into Audience Manager through server to server integration to house all segments in one place for organization.

You have the option to push audiences straight from Analytics into Advertising Cloud to target, or can push the audiences into Audience Manager for organization and then push from AAM to AdC to target.

The benefits of using all three products together are:

- Capture audience and website behavior and use it to build segments of in-market intenders

- Create a single view of the customer form your unified data, enriched and added data

- Deliver a personalized ad to an audience at the right time whenever they are in an authentic and relevant experience

- Continue to personalize through analysis, reporting & optimization

If you have further questions feel free to reach out to me via


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