denises76879968 16-08-2016

I am looking where to find the "ef id" in analytics?  I am having issues with my orders and revenue matching in Adobe Media Optimizer and Analytics.  My rep is stating that I need to download the "ef id" in order to dig into why orders are not matching.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Denis,

The best way to match the orders of AMO and Analytics will be by pulling an EFID (Efficient frontier ID) report. This is because analytics shows data for all the channels (Search, Social and Display) together and hence would not match with AMO Data, as AMO's data is segregated based on channels. The ideal way of verifying data would be matching total figures if EFID Report with AMO

This is because, AMO track conversions and revenue through EFID's and hence the total revenue figures of both EFID Report and AMO should match.

Hope that Helps!



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