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Hi Guys,

For a Facebook Social Campaign, How often does Media Optimizer refresh performance data? And what time zone does it follow? Is it possible to refresh data at a specific time?

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Hello Parth,

Facebook — Media Optimizer refreshes performance data and engagement metrics from Facebook hourly. In addition, each day by 09:00 a.m. in the advertiser's time zone, Media Optimizer refreshes all Facebook data for the previous five days.

The time zone which we have selected is our advertiser time zone.

Facebook doesn't attribute click and cost data by the hour; Media Optimizer pulls available click and cost data from Facebook hourly and adds an hour stamp accordingly. Data that Facebook takes more than an hour to process is attributed to a later hour, according to when Media Optimizer receives the data.

For new ad sets created via Ad Manager or Power Editor, hourly data is pulled beginning with the next daily sync process (about 18:00 in the user's local time zone). We can manually sync  new ad sets when an advertiser-level option to allow synchronization requests is enabled.

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Sahil Vohra

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