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Hi, we are thinking of implementing Adobe Advertising cloud to manage all campaigns from a single area. It seems the Adobe Advertising cloud (AAC) offers this option, but what it is still not clear to me is:

  • How can I schedule a data export from AAC to retrieve all data about campaigns setup and campaign results?
  • If this is possible, what is the level of granularity that I can obtain?
  • Is it possible to deliver the scheduled data exports to be stored in an Adobe SFTP so we could retrieve the data from there and automate the ingestion to our Data Lake?
  • How can I get a sample data set to understand the actual content of the exports?

Thanks in advance to all of you for your help.




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Maria,

As Manu mentioned, we have the capability of pulling reports directly from the platform with a substantial amount of granularity. Feel free to play around in the below account to understand exactly what data you can pull from reports. See below for instructions.

1. Go to '' and type in the below credentials.


Password: PlatformMaster18!

2. Once logged in, click on 'Tools' in the top left hand corner of the toolbar.

3. Once in 'Tools', click on 'Email Reports' in the left hand corner of the menu.

4. Once in 'Email Reports', click on the large blue button in the top right hand corner 'NEW CUSTOM REPORT'

5. Once in the 'NEW CUSTOM REPORT', feel free to play around with the different report templates in the top 'Report Type' section. You can pull basic STD metrics by pulling a 'Custom Report' type. In the 'Apply Filters' portion, enter in a date range. If you click on 'Add Filters' you can pull reports by campaign. If you scroll down to 'Build Your Report', you will see all of the metrics available to pull in the blue dimension box and the green metrics box. If you click on each box you will see each dimension you can pull. Check off which dimensions you want to see. To change the order of how the dimensions populate in the report, drag and drop the dimension from the section labeled 'Drag to Re-Order Report Headers Below:'

Note that you can pull a segment report, frequency report, conversion report, site report, device report etc. by changing the 'Report Type' up at the very top.

You can send these reports to any email address at any cadence (once, daily by day, weekly, monthly, etc.) and have them automated to send. The reports will be in your inboxes and download as excel files including all the data you want to see.

You can drag and drop any of this data into your Data Lake to use for analysis. In addition, depending on the 'Data Lake' provider, we can import reports via our API to the partner to ingest into their own platform.

If you still need assistance on how to pull reports, login to the account as listed above and go to this link in the help section of the UI:



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Hey Maria,

Thanks for writing in.

The bulksheet feature is an extensive feature that helps you take out downloads of your accounts and campaigns with utmost granularity - all key entities.

In addition, we have extensive reporting to enable you and schedule timely reports that will land ina DL/alias or an email id.