Could ad messaging be personalized/dynamic to users based on profile data from Adobe Audience Manager?

Danny_Rand 19-07-2017


User is in Audience Manager as having certain profile/demographic details (example... age, income).

If user does a Search Engine keyword search ... could the [ad shown] be personalized/dynamic based on the Adobe Audience profile?

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Community Manager

This is tricky, because Google does not allow third party data to be leveraged in their remarketing. However, we are able to leverage Audience Manager audiences for Search retargeting in AMO. There are data export controls in place to ensure data that is not allowed to be leveraged in certain ways is not used, which will be flagged up in AAM when assigning AMO as the destination for the audience. Ultimately, I would advise to be cautious and be aware of an data export blocks that may come up depending on where the data is coming from, what it is, and what it’s intended to be used for.