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Hi Sushant,

Bulksheet files for multiple campaigns can contain up to 500,000 data rows. If you are generating data for multiple campaigns and the combined data consists of over 500,000 rows, Media Optimizer will split it by campaign into two or more files, as necessary, named <bulksheet name>_1.tsv, <bulksheet name>_2.tsv, and so on.

There are four acceptable formats {.tsv, .txt(unicode), .csv and .zip) available for a bulksheet.

When the bulksheet file is more than 10 MB but smaller than 2 GB, the file will be in ZIP format; you won't need to unzip the file to post it.

 Bulksheet File to Upload

The bulksheet file to upload; it must include all required fields and be in one of the following formats:  .tsv (tab-separated values), .txt (ASCII text), .csv (comma-separated values), or .zip (compressed TSV file). For bulksheets that will include international characters, upload files in TSV or TXT format.

Specify the file either by entering the full path and file name or by clicking Browse to locate the file on your computer or network.


Hope it helps!



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