Best Practices to improve ROI

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Ishitaa,

You may try out some following practices to see which is working in right direction for you:

  • Ensure right objective is set in your portfolio
  • Budget strategy should be in line with business. For e.g. if you see less demand on weekends then you can explore 'Day of week' strategy option. You can also explore 'ROI' as the budget strategy.
  • Monitor your model accuracy frequently and take actions accordingly. For e.g. if it is higher than required then you can find out the keywords spending more than predicted by clicking on it and check for its search terms and set out those as positives or negatives. Device performance can also be anaysed through it.
  • Refer simulations or spend strategy from time to time
  • Assign campaigns with same objective to a portfolio
  • Better themed ad groups
  • Put negatives in place
  • Match type ratio
  • LP Validation and optimization Etc.

Hope this helps.



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