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I was working on setting up some attribution rules. I understand First and last event and even distribution, but how does ‘Weight first event more’, ‘Weigh last event more’ and U-shaped attribution work? How is the value of ‘more’ calculated here?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Akanksha,

See an example of  'Weigh first even more', attribute below. Here the value is attributed to all events in series but gives the most weight to the first event. 

Add the positions of each click event such as 1 for first click, 2 for second click and so on (Event 1 = position 1, Event 2 = Position 2 etc 1+2+3 =6) . Divide the conversion value by the number of click positions (e.g. 120/6=20 USD). Attribute the value depending upon what type of ‘more event’ it is. Such as here 'weight first event more' than for each event such as to the least significant click (in this case third/last click) assign the same value (20 USD) , two times that value to the second click (40USD) and three times that value to the first click (120USD).

Hope this helps.



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