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Accepted Solutions (1)

deepp51948019 02-08-2016

Hey Ishita,

AMO and Adobe analytics is integrated in case the client is utilizing both the tools.

It is a bidirectional data flow between AMO and Adobe Analytics. As mentioned by Ritika, Conversion data flows from Analytics to AMO. On the other hand AMO data also gets transferred to Analytics.

Apart from the performance related data, we can use Audience segments built in Analytics for AMO display campaigns. These can be found under Marketing Cloud segments.



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Answers (6)


Hi Ishitaa,

Yes, it is possible to track Visitor ID by creating Marketing Cloud ID Service via DTM/Analytics. There is a detailed deployment & implementation required and someone from Analytics can provide you more info regarding the same. This ID can further be utilized across different Adobe solutions.

I will try to provide you some doc, if I manage to get one.

Hope this helps:)



jkelson44 09-08-2016

Hi Ishitaa,

Yes they are integrated. One of the best features and reasons to integrate I've seen is accounting for page metrics (such as time on site, page views, etc) in your optimization process. You can also report out of Adobe Analytics (AA) or from Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO).

If you have specific features you are curious about, let me know!


krishnag3297513 28-06-2019

Hi Saurabh,

Can we use analytics audience segments for search campaign as well. If yes then please suggest where i will find shared segments in AMO.



ishitaa25076879 10-08-2016

Thank you all for your replies, that’s really helpful.

I would also like to know if it is possible to utilize Visitor ID and Marketing Channel data and use it as a base to create campaigns around it? I would really appreciate if there is some documentation or whitepaper around it.


Hi Ishita,

Yes they are integrated, we can feed in Conversions from Analytics to AMO and let Media optimizer Optimize based on them.

Hope that's Suffice ?