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I want to add some additional parameters in the destination URL for some particular search engines. I want it done at a campaign level. How can I achieve that? 



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Hi Akanksha,


About Additional Tracking Parameters for Destination URLs


Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads, Yahoo! Japan, and Facebook Accounts Only


Instead of just using the standard tracking parameters for a destination URL or final URL, you may add more parameters to track specific data for a search engine or social network account. You can add these parameters at the account level in the search account settings or social account settings, or at the campaign level in the search campaign settings:


  • You can append any static text string as a parameter in the destination/final URLs for the account/campaign.


  • You can append Media Optimizer- and search engine-specific parameters in the destination/final URLs for the account/campaign to track more data:


  • Media Optimizer parameters are semi-static; Media Optimizer inserts a data value when it uploads the destination/final URL to the search engine. For example, when you append campaign={ef_campaign} to the base URL, Media Optimizer replaces {ef_campaign} with the actual campaign name (such as "Back-to-school_Campaign") when it uploads the destination URL.


Note:  Once the values are inserted, they remain static. If you move a keyword or ad to a different ad group, or move the ad group to a different campaign, the {ef_adgroup} or {ef_campaign} parameter is not automatically updated, so you must manually generate a new destination/final URL.


  • Search engine-specific parameters are dynamic, and the search engine inserts a data value when the user clicks an ad. For example, when you append {param1} to the base URL, the search engine replaces it with the actual {param1} value when an end user clicks the ad.


Note: You can't add more tracking parameters to URLs for display campaigns.


Media Optimizer supports the following types of parameters; some are applicable only to a specific search engine, and the Media Optimizer parameters are applicable to all search engines and social networks. You can mix search engine-specific and Media Optimizer parameters as needed.


Notes: Separate multiple parameters with commas or ampersands (&).


The following parameters are not case-sensitive.


Special characters in the appended parameters are substituted as follows in the generated destination/final URL:


  • = is substituted with %3D


  • ? is substituted with %26


  • an empty space is substituted with %2B


For example, when you append the parameter campaign={ef_campaign} to the base URL for a keyword, the destination URL for the keyword is generated as{ef_campaign}.

Hope it helps!




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Answers (1)




Hi Akanksha,

There are a couple of Options that you can try with AMO :

1. If all the campaigns are part of the same Account you can define the "Append parameters" in the Account Tracking settings ( Please note this would apply to all the campaigns in that Account).



2. Or if the campaigns are part of different portfolios we can use "custom parameters" options  under Campaign Tracking section.

Hope this helps