Ad ID Tracking

roshans73243322 04-05-2020

Is it possible to track Ad ID to differentiate between the results acquired by two different themes of ads ?

Or any way to track the Ad's Headline, Description etc ? Or is there any unique label or identifier [such as labels in google ads interface] which can be tracked ? 

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nipjain12 12-05-2020



For easy comparison you can use label classification. You can create specific label values and assign them on campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, placements, and product groups level.


Feel free to reach out to me in case of any further queries.



Nipun Jain

shivania1923929 05-05-2020

Hi Roshan,


If you are specifically talking about AMO, yes you can label to identify different themes of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads through label classification.