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Remove the background from an image to get a professional photo


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When it’s about removing the existing background in an image, you need to have professional image editing skills and patience as well. You might be familiar with some photo editing applications and software such as Photoshop. Then it’s a bit easier for you to get the background removed from a photo. Not only Photoshop but easier online image editing-tools such as PixCut serve pretty well.

What if you never used such a tool never before? This article may help you a lot. With a few basic photography ideas, you can easily edit your photos and get a perfect image.

Do you already have editing software on your laptop? Just open it. If you don’t have installed one, download one from the internet. People mostly use free tools or applications to remove background from image of a product. But if you can spend a few bucks, it’s better to purchase the latest version of the commonly used image editing software.

Do online image-editing tools offer perfection while removing a background?

The answer is yes. When it comes to removing the background or inserting a new one, online editing tools serve amazing these days. This is what pixcut.wondershare.com comes  with. It’s a simple online tool that can easily be accessed from your mobile or laptop or desktop. Whatever the device may be, you will get the desired result always. Upload a photo here, it will remove the background automatically.

How do image editing tools work?

It seems a bit complicated how an image-editing tool works perfectly. But the whole procedure is very simple actually. They use editing technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the help of these two, the application easily recognizes the two main portions of an image – the main object and the background. It then decides the background must be erased and what remains in front, must be kept as is it. It also follows algorithms regarding the contamination of colors, edges, or images. Above all, the first one is important which identifies the background and removes it.

Although the outcome is not perfect always, it works the best with images of people and faces. The artificial intelligence is programmed in such a way that the result depends on the discrimination of the colors of the foreground and the background. Maybe you will get a smaller-sized image after removing or editing the background.

Get a PNG background:

When it comes to the image of a product or a person, white or neutral backgrounds are the best options. Similarly, when you are designing an icon or a brand logo, png background can be the most useful one. The reason behind this is PNGs can include transparent elements. It appears very conveniently on a website. For example, you may have an image that must be blended into the background of it.

Why do you need a transparent background?

There are so many reasons why one should use transparent background instead of a white one. When you want to upload a product image on an e-commerce website, you have two options – white and transparent background. White has lots of different shades and they vary from one site to another. Using a transparent background, you can ensure that the uploaded photo will match the website background color. This is how you can get a seamless product photograph. Nothing is more disrupting than a marketplace webpage with verities of white shades in the backgrounds.

When you use a transparent background, it automatically decreases the file size of an image. Thus it will lead faster which is important for e-commerce websites.

Use white background for your product images when you are familiar with the marketplaces for months and have uploaded your products many times. Both the white and transparent backgrounds serve according to the marketplace guidelines.

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It would be nice to have a better auto-keying feature for hairs.

We are a wig site with a large number of such images to deal with and to be honest we gave up because the workload was too big.


You can check out some of the product images on our website and I think they would look better if they were turned into a white or simple color background.

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