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Optimize Mobile Performance in an Era of Growing Mobile Consumers




If there has ever been a pressing time to up the ante on mobile advertising, clearly it is now!

With internet penetration growing, smartphones becoming accessible and consumers beginning to transact more and more on mobile, advertising on mobile has gained strategic importance among Top Marketers. Numbers tell the story. 70% of the total search ad spending is beginning to take the mobile route. And, it is only set to aggressively grow from here. [emarketer numbers below suggest strong growth]

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While this may appear a bit surprising, it is not hard to understand why we see such a trend. The rationale is straight forward, close to 70% of the population in US is using smartphones and hence 70% of the search ad spend is on mobile.

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World over, we are beginning to see more and more touch points on mobile in the consumer journey. No wonder, hence, marketers are spending big on mobile advertising. And, there is enough data to prove that good section of population is using smartphones.

However, some fundamental questions beckon marketers!

  • Is the mobile population transacting online?
  • Are the consumers on small screen making purchases?

Indeed, valid questions. These might emanate in your head, right! Numbers, thankfully, again come to our rescue. Mcommerce is beginning to unfold. Yes, that’s true. If we look at retail Mcommerce numbers, 40% of total retail ecommerce sales is driven through mobile while we are spending 70% of search ad spend on mobile. That highlights a very important aspect – though mobile is a critical aspect of the overall consumer journey and we have major section of population on mobile, converting consumers and making them transact on mobile is still challenging. The RoI on mobile is difficult to drive.

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That leads us to a fundamental question - How well are you optimizing spend at Device Level?

In a scenario where mobile is beginning to be an integral part of customer experience and overall journey, it is important to optimize the bids at device that we place in our search ad campaigns. Would you not be delighted if you knew there is an automated algorithm that works based on historic data models to optimize and adjust bids at device level. Unequivocally, you would be delighted.

Yes, much to the excitement & delight of a smart marketer, Adobe Advertising Cloud Search comes with a lever - Auto-optimize Bid Adjustment Values. This feature is present in the Portfolio settings in Adobe Advertising Cloud Search.

Once you enable the auto-optimize option at device level and mention the range, Adobe Advertising Cloud Search will set individual bid adjustments for the campaigns or ad groups in the portfolio at device level – computers, tablets and mobile. For instance, if the keyword-level bid is $2 and the ad group bid adjustments for mobile devices are between 100% and 150%, then the mobile bid will be between $4 and $5. These Bid adjustments are updated daily at each bid cycle. It can happen more frequently if the portfolio uses intraday bidding. You might also be curious to know the portfolio’s cost and conversion trends by device type, right! You can easily do that by taking out a report with “Device” column added.

Auto-optimize Bid Adjustment Values feature is also available for remarketing lists and location targeting.

Reach out to your Adobe account representative to learn more!

Blog by Manu Malhotra

Consultant - Adobe Advertising Cloud