go through node and store data in a json

kevinl17371805 26-10-2018

hello friends I am in the process of learning the servlet sling and I am

trying to read a parent node and bring all the information it contains to

store it in a json and send it to the view I would appreciate a way to do

thank you acontinuacion I leave an example of what I want to achieve


In summary, I want to obtain the data of the subnodes of the subnosdo in and store them in an array with a servlet sling. I appreciate all the help you can give me.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You can use JCR Node API or Resource API to get child resource and adapt to Node API/Value Map

Node (Content Repository for Java Technology API Version 2.0)

Resource (Apache Sling 8 API)

ValueMap and his friends - Experience Delivers

Resource resource = resolver.getResource("/content/testsling/slingmodel");

ValueMap valueMap=resource.adaptTo(ValueMap.class);

response.getWriter().write("Output from ValueMap is First Name: "+valueMap.get("firstName").toString()+" Last Name: "+valueMap.get("lastName").toString()+" Technology: "+valueMap.get("technology").toString()+"");

  UserInfo userInfo = resource.adaptTo(UserInfo.class);

  response.getWriter().write("Output from Sling Model is First Name: "+userInfo.getFirstName()+" Last Name: "+userInfo.getLastName()+" Technology: "+userInfo.getTechnology());