Why does not an experience fragment save new tags?

mandips70257608 30-01-2019

Hello all,

So, when I create an experience fragment and tag it, the tag gets saved. But when I visit the experience fragment again and add a new tag, this new tag is not saved.

And when I check the error log, I see "com.day.cq.tagging.impl.TagValidatingEventListener invalid/duplicated tags detected" log being thrown. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to avoid it?



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mandips70257608 30-01-2019

Thanks for taking time to reply. When adding the tags, I just entered new tags in the "Tags" field. I did not navigate to "Standard Tags" and select the tags. Using the approach you displayed works fine for me too.


I could not reproduce this behavior for we-retail on a master-fragment. The tag gets saved and is visible in /crx/de and on the fragment each time on visit.

Could you share more details/video?