What user permissions for package manager (crx/packmgr)?

jayv25585659 18-02-2019

I need to give a user with limited access (non-admin acct) to AEM access to package manager.

I have given access to:

- /libs/cq/core/content/nav/tools/deployment

- /libs/cq/core/content/nav/tools/deployment/packages

- /etc/packages/my_packages

I can see Deployment > Packages menu option which allows me to view the crx/packmgr page.

After going through the steps of package creation, this new package is not listed. Admin user can see the new package.

Can you please help?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You need to give permission to parent of /etc/packages/my_packages i.e. /etc/packages node also.

when you give permission to /etc/packages all the child node will be getting the permission also. Make sure you explicitly remove permission from all the child node except my_packages