Version purge 6.4

ADOBE_AEM 14-03-2019

I configured daily take of version purge but that did not delete the version.this was configured under the maintenance task page.

Also the curl command did not purge the versions.Please can you advise if the version purge steps are different in 6.4 and is the below curl command still good in 6.4.

Thanks in advance.

curl --silent -u admin:admin -f -o /proj/purge_log/vista_feature_purge.txt -d "cmd=purge&maxdays=1&maxversions=1&path=pathofconent&recursive=true" "http://localhost:4502/etc/versioning/purge.html"

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Limit  # page version creation, paths under which version can be created implicitly and age of versions. You could even choose to stop implicit version creation (after evaluating pros/cons) and move into manual mode that would be done by authors explicitly for specific project(s).That depends on your requirements.

Limit the age of versions so that you have less numbers of purge activities based on your requirements/compliance etc.

Schedule the purge job to run on off-business hours when no author is creating versions. That should not slow down the system.

I'm not aware of any patch for same. DayCare ticket is your best bet for patches.



couple of links in case you want to proceed with a custom solution -

Adobe CQ/Adobe AEM: How to work with Version in CQ


Answers (6)

Answers (6)


That article was for reference, you won't find repo.xml in 6.4

Configure the same in Day CQ WCM Version Manager and Purge Task available under /system/console/configMgr

How is this indexing issue related to version purging? You'd need to fix your index definition for that.

ADOBE_AEM 16-03-2019

Thanks a lot that is very useful.

1.As per the documentation in

      i don't find repository.xml  under  /crx-quickstart/repository/repository.xml .

     Is this relevant for 6.4 version.Please can you tell where this configurations exist in 6.4.

Please find the below screen shot.



Also from application end we have created index under /oak:index/appNameLucene. but on the logs get the below when i do re-indexing

" consider creating an index or changing the query".

ADOBE_AEM 15-03-2019

HI Gaura,

Thanks a lot for the reply.Actualy we are on 6.4 version.

The issue is whne we update the node version is created and we want to hold the versions.

But the process takes lot of time .and slows down the system.Is there any fix patc that needs to be installed on 6.4 to mitigate this issue.Request you to please advise.


ADOBE_AEM 15-03-2019

also getting the error COWRemoteFileReference::local file (_1re.cfe) doesn't exist