UserProperties is always null

akhilat9657589 30-01-2019

Hi All,

We are using AEM There are 2 publish instances and we have configured SCD.

We use below code to get logged in user details.

UserPropertiesManager upm = userPropertiesService.createUserPropertiesManager(resourceResolver);

Session session = slingRequest.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(Session.class);

UserProperties userProperties = upm.getUserProperties(session.getUserID(), "profile");

When ever we are trying to access site via dispatcher userProperties is always becoming null. So we tried giving a null check page is loading with an alert "Your request could not be completed because you have been signed out." and a string /?resource=%2F%3Fresource%3D%252F is getting appended to URL always.

But when ever we are trying to access the site using IPs, it is loading without any exception and userProperties is no null.

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