Update Permission for Users in Bulk

Samer_Yadav 29-07-2018

Hi Experts,

1. We have one requirement to create the around 200 groups and all groups have different access permission. One option is we can configure manually in to AEM 6.4.

Are there any other way to do that? Can you suggest best way or any sample like how we can do it either by customization or any OOTB utility is available in AEM?

2. We have same name of user group as per user group name is in to Active directory. But in AEM user is replication correctly but AD user group is not assigning to users? Is it possible in AEM like if AD groups is available in AEM then it should assign automatically? If yes then what is configuration?

Can you please help and assist us on these two questions?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



1. You can use Java API to create groups automatically in AEM.

UserManager ("The Adobe AEM Quickstart and Web Application.")

java - Programatically Give Group Permission in AEM? - Stack Overflow

2. To achieve something automatically you may need to go for Events or Scheduler, which will execute Java code based on events like creation of AD group node in repository or you can scheduled a job which runs daily to update users based on AD groups.