Unable to use Checkout Status Predicate in Search Forms

sushmar99218774 18-09-2018


I have a scenario where i need to find all the Checked out assets in AEM DAM. I am trying to use Search Forms Facet to fetch this funcationality with an available feature "Checkout Status" predicate. But I am unable to edit the Property name to "jcr:content@cq:drivelock" as it is not available for selection. Any Suggestions?

Sushma R

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Nisha_Nivedita 19-09-2018

Go to - searchforms -> select Assets Admin Search Rail-> edit and further select the predicate "checkoutstatus " in left. You can now edit it. Just update "jcr:content@cq:drivelock"value on right and further add comment and save. Your config will be captured and saved - /conf/global/settings/dam/search/facets/assets/jcr:content