Two Factor Authentication(Google Authentication) in AEM 6.4

srikrish90 11-12-2018

Hi, We are setting up two-factor authentication using Gauth in AEM 6.4

Followed this article as a reference: Adobe Experience Manager Help | Setting up two factor authentication for Adobe Experience Manager

Changed SCR annotations to OSGI annotations as per the latest documentation.

The Service OTPBasedAuthenticationHandler (Custom Authentication Handler) which extends DefaultAuthenticationFeedbackHandler, is not getting registered under "Registered Authentication Handler".





This implementation works fine AEM 6.1

Is there any change in the implementation of registering Custom Authentication Handler in AEM 6.4?



Answers (8)

Answers (8)

smacdonald2008 12-12-2018

An update - the Google call works - which renders the BARCODE.


So the Java works and the client preference link.

The only thing we need to update is the LOGIN JSP. IN AEM 6.4 - Coral 3 is used. Lokesh and I are working on this. Once the LOGIN JSP is updated - this use case will work.

smacdonald2008 12-12-2018

ANothert issue with this artilce is the JSP shown in it. Its for AEM 6.1. We need to port this example to AEM 6.4 - which of course uses coral 3 libs.