Schema markup via JSON-LD

jsherrod 04-06-2018

Thanks in advance for considering my question.

I am new to AEM and need to add JSON-LD scripts to various pages to deploy structured data following the protocols.  I have done this in other platforms fairly easily but didn't notice a best practice for AEM.  Another option is to use Launch (formerly DTM), but that's less than ideal as I will have to get others involved.  Anyone have tips or resources to point me in the right direction?



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Answers (4)

danielf37594318 16-10-2019

JSON-LD Options:

  1. Statically create your own, and add it to each relevant page via a Custom Component
    1. If you have a single universal script you'd like to add to your site, consider adding it to either the main website parent page or to the language templates
    2. This should ensure the script gets pushed to all other child pages below, which I believe this is the default functionality of most AEM sites.
  2. (Untested/Unverified) Dynamically populate the scripts for pages
    1. Look into AEM ContextHub, which can be implemented via DTM (or possibly Launch)
    2. Unaware of other methods at this point, however I'm sure you can do it somehow if you work with a decent AEM developer.