Problem with externallink on the granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/form/pathfield on Adobe 6.4

alissonxavier27 01-04-2019

Hi Guys,

I'm using the granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/form/pathfield in cq:dialog.

see screenshot below.


When I put the external link on the field and after that click on the icon the javascript problem happen.



has anyone solutions for that?


Alisson Xavier

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


1) Go to /system/console/configMgr

2) Apache Sling Java Script Handler

3) For Source VM & Target VM it needs to be auto. If it's set to some other value, eg 1.5, then you'll get these odd JS undefined errors on a path picker.

You may want to manually purge the client libs cache and sightly cache as well.

- Under \crx-quickstart\launchpad\felix grep for "Outputcache" -- delete the contents of this folder. -- client library cache

- Under \crx-quickstart\launchpad\felix grep for "Classes"  -- delete the contents of this folder. -- sightly cache

Answers (9)

Answers (9)

smacdonald2008 02-04-2019

IF you want a reference to another site in your web page - assuming in the page's text - you can simply link to an outside URL using the RTE.

smacdonald2008 01-04-2019

A PathField or PathBrowser lets you search the JCR - not write external URLS. Where do you want the URL to show up - in an AEM web page?