Page manager return null for mapped page with Sling Mapping

UladzislauMinic 14-03-2019

Hi All,

I am using Sling Mapping (configurations are located under /etc/map) for mapping the resources , e.g. /content/path/en should get page /content/path_real/en.

When I try to get resource via resourceResolver.getResource("/content/path/en") it works correctly and return the resource under path /content/path_real/en.

But when I try to get page via pageManger.getPage(""/content/path/en") it returns null.

Is there any way to configure pageManager so they also use sling mapping configuration from /etc/map folder?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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As Jörg mentioned above,  get the resource first using resourceResolver.getResource("/content/path/en")

then use pageManger.getPage(resource.getPath())

Prince_Shivhare 14-03-2019

If the resource at that path does not exist or is not adaptable to Page, null is returned.

are you doing like this?

PageManager pageManager = resolver.adaptTo(PageManager.class);

  if (pageManager != null) {

  Page page = pageManager.getPage(path);

or something like --

PageManager pageManager = resource.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(PageManager.class);

Page rootPage = pageManager.getPage(pagePath);

~ Prince