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vivekf82295017 16-07-2019

Hi All,

As per Adobe documentation, the user must have the Modify/Create/Delete permission on the node /content/versionhistory in order to use the page diff feature which allows for the convenient side-by-side comparison of two pages with their differences highlighted.

But when we are trying to apply Modify permissions for node /content/versionhistory, it is not getting applied even after multiple attempts.

For user admin, no issue with checkbox for Modify of /content/versionhistory

The AEM Version is AEM

Can you please suggest the solution for this issue.

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I assume you are trying to apply the permissions from /useradmin. Can you try it from a private window or a different browser?

If still does not work, try adding the ACL from Crxde. Check [1] for more details.

[1] User, Group and Access Rights Administration