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nehat63181151 05-09-2019

I have created multiple pages as in we-retail site. the pages heading has started displaying in the navigation also in my demo website. But i have read few articles and have found that we can display the navigation using java also.

and using java code to display the navigation is different then how i have done that right now. Can anyone suggest how the navigation will display using java. I have created a project through maven and my crx-de and maven is connected too. Should i use sightly also in this.

Please suggest.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Umeshsondhi 06-09-2019


For reference you can use the below code

rootPage = getCurrentPage().getAbsoluteParent(2);

        if (rootPage == null) {

        rootPage = getCurrentPage();



        Iterator<Page> childPages = rootPage.listChildren(new PageFilter(getRequest()));

    while (childPages.hasNext()) {




    // Returns the navigation items

    public List<Page> getItems() {

        return items;


    // Returns the navigation root

    public Page getRoot() {

        return rootPage;

or  to page AEM/ at master · pankajchhatri/AEM · GitHub

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

jessica9745 25-02-2020

Currently, I am using the Garmin App while I am using the navigation system for checking any location via the map. An error occurred when I was trying to deal with Garmin connect login. I could not connect with the GPS system for this error and also could not find the desired location. Need a proper solution for this particular problem.

nehat63181151 06-09-2019

Thanks for the reply but can you plz explain further the page API thing. and the list of child page or any reference link would be appreciated.