Modifying the default columns in AEM Asset Reports

abhishekdas 19-08-2019

I have requirement where I have to change/add the list of columns in the Default Columns list for the reports. Those custom columns should be displayed by default once I create a AEM report, so that the user should not have to add the columns manually using custom columns. I don't have to create a custom report type, rather I need to change that in  the existing report types.

Can anyone share some idea or provide some approach how this can be achieved?

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abhishekdas 19-08-2019

Thanks JaideepBrar​, for quick response.

As per my understanding, the available reports are using column list as per the below screenshot.


Now, consider the below scenario:

We have created some custom indexes under oak:index location, which we have added in our custom metadata schema for the asset

eg., /oak:index/damAssetLucene/indexRules/dam:Asset/properties/dcBrand having property


Now, lets say I have to generate Download report for assets using the Download report provided. Once I go to configure columns step, I should be able to get Brand Column available as default which maps to property jcr:content/metadata/brand.

Kindly suggest any workaround.


You can overlay "/libs/dam/gui/content/reports/reportlist/jcr:content/views/list/columns" and change the colums as per your requirement. Please do not update anything under the libs directory.