Is there a cloud Service available to generate the PDF through REST API call?

umarsalaluddin 20-09-2018

Hi Team,

Can you please let us know if there is a cloud service available for PDF generation (through REST API Call).?. We are currently using AEM product on premises to generate the PDF files by placing the input XML files in the watched folder. The PDF templates are available as XDP files created used designer.

Now, with the application getting moved to cloud, we are looking for cloud service from Adobe which can be used to create the PDF file using the XML input data and XDP templates. Please help with this information or point me to the documentation where we can get help. Also, I would like to know if there is any way by which we can use this service in the trial mode to check the product.Thanks.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

umarsalaluddin 27-09-2018

Thanks a lot for your help. I understand that, Form Services for PDF generation are not part of the Adobe managed services. So, if PDF generation is a requirement for the cloud application (Lets say Azure Cloud application), then AEM has to be installed in our own Azure cloud VM along with form services addon and this needs to be used for PDF generation. Please correct me if I am wrong.