Image Fileupload using Coral 3 drag and drop

daniels65403976 19-04-2019

I am looking for a way to drag and drog image file using coral 3 within the dialog (as shown below). 


I was able to do this with coral 2 and was wondering how to do it with coral 3.

Can someone provide me the code to do this?

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daniels65403976 23-04-2019

I already looked at the documentation, it does not show how to create a drag and drop fileupload.  The fileupload changed dramatically from it's previous version.  The documentation does not show an example on how to do this.

I would like a working sample.  Please provide a working example in xml.


I think it is by designed because if you compare coral2 and Granite fileupload

Granite FileUpload — Granite UI 1.0 documentation

Coral2 FileUpload — Granite UI 1.0 documentation

below properties have been removed from Granite fileupload which is used to browse assets from dam


The parameter representing the file name, for instance “./fileName” or “./image/fileName”. It will be used to determine the (relative) location where to store the name of the file.


The location where to store the reference of the file (when a file already uploaded on the server is used), usually ./fileReference or ./image/fileReference. NB: This is only working in the context of AEM Authoring

daniels65403976 23-04-2019

Hi rmahendra

I am looking for a dialog with a fileupload (in coral 3) that we can drag and drop the image.

The example you gave me does not have a coral 3 fileupload.