How to remove years and months from the urls

nikunjj22482698 08-08-2019

We have a use case where we want to create the hierarchy in AEM author where the pages will be created under years and months but for the end-user, we don't want to display the years and months in the URLs.

Is this something that can be achieved via Apache and dispatcher rules?


Nikunj Jariwala

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

nikunjj22482698 08-08-2019

Thanks for replying Vish.dhaliwal​.

The set up works as expected when we have static paths like /content/site_name/en. My question is around the dynamic aspect of the path i.e. there will be many years and months pages in the hierarchy.

for example, the content in AEM will look like the following:




The end-user should be able to access the pages using the following:

Is there any way we can achieve this without writing any custom code in AEM? I m not sure if Apache rewrite can achieve this.