How to keep attribute for empty string value in sightly

sushant84 06-09-2019

In sightly if i am getting empty string value then i am not getting that attribute in html page. I am using AEM 6.4

e.g  <sly data-sly-test.iconVal=" ">

<a data-icon="${iconVal}" />

here i am not getting data-icon attribute in html page because iconVal value is empty string.

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Note that an attribute (either literal or set via data-sly-attribute) whose value evaluates to the empty string will be removed in the final markup. The one exception to this rule is that a literal attribute set to a literal empty string will be preserved. For example,

For example,

<div class="${''}""${''}"></div>




<div class=""""></div>


<div class=""></div>

So, try to set a literal value to the attribute if its null.