Design importer in AEM 6.3- Reference images from dam or etc/designs

deepakaitha 05-02-2019


We are using Design importer to upload landing pages for a temporary setting. We have some common images like logos and icons across all the landing pages and want to store them at a single location and reference them across different landing pages. Is there any way to reference the images from DAM or /etc/designs in mark uploaded to the design importer component. I know we can reference external sites like <img src="path-to-image.jpg" but can we do <img src="cq-design-path/path-toimage.jsp"> or <img src="/content/dam/path-to-image.jpg">. Please let me know. Appreciate your help.



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smacdonald2008 05-02-2019

Typically to reference images located in the AEM DAM - you use a granite data type like a PathField.

PathField — Granite UI 1.0 documentation

The PathField will resolve the location of the asset that is chosen.