Deactivate and delete expired assets

sagarkmr09 28-08-2019


Is there a way to deactivate and delete the asset as soon as its expired i.e. the assets reaches the expiry date set for the asset?



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himanshusinghal 29-08-2019

Digital Rights Management in Assets

Have you tried setting up the "Adobe CQ DAM Expiry Notification".

As per official documentation, if the configuration is set, the scheduler runs a check and deactivate the expired assets. However, it doesn't delete the assets and I don't think it does delete OOTB. For that you'll have to write custom code.

theop76211228 28-08-2019


An expired asset is deactivated when is passes it's expiry date: "[...] ensures that the published asset is unpublished when it expires" (Digital Rights Management in Assets).

To delete the assets, you will have to create a workflow that finds all expired assets using a query, and deletes those nodes. Here is a query to find all assets expired at a given date (JCR SQL-2 does not have a DATE() function to get the current date, you will have to supply this date in Java):

SELECT asset.* FROM [dam:Asset] AS asset

INNER JOIN [dam:AssetContent] AS jcrContent ON ISCHILDNODE(jcrContent, asset)

INNER JOIN [nt:unstructured] as metadata ON ISCHILDNODE(metadata, jcrContent)

WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE(asset, '/content/dam')

AND NAME(metadata) = 'metadata'

AND metadata.[prism:expirationDate] <= CAST('2019-08-28T23:59:59.999Z' AS DATE)

You can run this query now by going to CRXDE > Tools > Query, selecting SQL2, pasting the query in the text area and clicking execute:

Peek 2019-08-28 22-48.gif