Customize/Overlay "References" Metadata Schema Field

mynitumail 14-12-2018

Publishing assets from AEM DAM to external storage systems such as Highspot, S3 bucket etc.

After successfully publishing the assets, would like to display asset URL( as References in metadata info.

Tried to overlay /libs/dam/gui/coral/components/admin/references, but getting Overlay Node option as disabled.

Please suggest if  missing anything here.


Does AEM provide any OOB feature to fulfill this use case.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, overlay.PNG

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vipins5188 14-12-2018

Oh i see here, this references will get only internal references like which page is using this pdf etc..

Need to check if external references are supported or not.

mynitumail 14-12-2018

Thanks Vipin for your reply, but looks you missed my point here.

I already customized metadata schema per my requirement, but not able to customize "Reference field" to populate it with custom URL.


Any thoughts ????

vipins5188 14-12-2018


You can create your own metadata schema from metadataschema editor available OOTB. And apply that newly created schema to your dam folder.You can drag and drop widget , create what metadata you want for asset and save.

To apply to specific dam folder you need to add metadataSchema="path-to-your-custom-schema" property to that folder.

Please note that this newly created schema will be stored under /conf/global/settings/dam/adminui-extension

For creation of metadataschema you can go to below path


Hope this helps.