Component is coming 2 times when refreshing the pages

sunitac70336244 11-12-2018

Dear All,

I have just created a very simple templates and with out of box components in AEM-6.4.

After I drag the component in my home page (For example text component) , it is coming fine and after i refresh the home page the text components are coming 2 times , as shown below.


This behavior is for all the components. Here I am using all the out of box components , as attached below.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

smacdonald2008 11-12-2018

There could be a bug somewhere. Try creating a project for testing purposes using Maven Archetype 15 only. Then open the default EN page and tell us if you see this issue. Follow this article to create a Maven Arch 15 project -- Working with Adobe Experience Manager Carousel Core Components

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

sunitac70336244 11-12-2018

Dear Scott,

I have created the structure in Lazybones and i have copied the out of box components from the maven arc-type 15.

My template contains the component page called MCK/components/structure/mck-home-page and the component page has below 2 htmls.


<h1> Sunita Footer page </h1>

and customheaderlibs.html

<h1> Sunita Header page </h1>

<div data-sly-resource="${'content' @ resourceType='wcm/foundation/components/parsys'}"></div>

I have not included content in my package. So i am crating the new content , as shown below.


As , not able to attache the ZIP files . After creating the content , when I am dragging the components and refreshing the page then issue is coming.

smacdonald2008 11-12-2018

Is this a Maven archetype generated project. Go to the nodes under /content and see if there are multiple components. ie -- /content/summit-toys/en/jcr:content