AEM Mock : Coverage issue

narindera257447 18-08-2019

The below is the class / System under Test :


Test Case:   It is throwing null pointer at line 71


Coverage Output



What changes need to be done in the test case to cover the try catch section of the code. Please Suggest.

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narindera257447 19-08-2019

Thank you for your response and is a value add.

Also, It looks like this will work for Mockito but for AEM Mock , its context object is not recognizing the mock class.


I am not sure if I understand your question completely. So, I am going to assume to want to understand the reason for the NullPointerException. From looking at the code, it appears that the object "resolver" is null because it has not been initialized in the method setUp(). Maybe adding the line below in the method setUp() will help.

resolver = context.mock(ResourceResolver.class);