AEM Lucene clarifications

antonym8430968 10-07-2018

Hi All,

We decided to use OOTB AEM Lucene for our search requirements. Below are some questions regarding lucene configurations.

1) Created lucene index for multiple sites in the below path in local AEM 6.2.But these lucene indexes are not showing up in Index Manager. Do we have to make any additional configurations to dispaly these custon lucene to display in Index Manager?



2) We have configured lucene index and able to get search results using Query Builder API. In the query we are using "excerpt" keyword to get search results preview description. But this preview description is coming up from the footer of the page. Instead of getting preview description from footer, how to get this preview text from content description or title/subtitle or from any other properties? Any customization required on excerpt for getting preview text from content description or subtitle etc?

3) Re-indexing activity:

- When we do any re-indexing from Index Manager, will there be any downtime in Author or published site?

- Generally how much time will take to complete re-indexing?

- During re-indexing process, will search will not working for the sites?

4)We are having around 30-40 sites in AEM. What is the best way to create index definitions? create index under /content/ for each site or create it under oak:index? For now most of the sites have common setup..but later in future we may have specific requirements for each site..


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



1) that functionality is a bit limited and considers only indexes below /oak:index by default; but you can select the specific path in the indexmanager, then the other indexes should get displayed ... Please file a feature request with Adobe support, so it might be extended to cover also indexes "hidden" in plain sight below /content to be contained in the default view. That would be definitely useful.

2) Maybe the relevant indexes are not configured in this way? Check Jackrabbit Oak – The Query Engine  and Jackrabbit Oak – Lucene Index  ("useInExcerpt").

3) There is no downtime during reindexing. The time it takes for reindexing is mostly depending on the amount of content which is covered by the index and which needs to get reindexed. In later versions of AEM (iirc since 6.4) the old index is available until the reindexing is completed. In any way, test the procedure. I would definitly take an instance offline if the reindexing takes more than a few seconds.

4) I would avoid to create too much custom indexes. I would never create a per-site index, but rather have a single custom lucene index covering your specific needs (which are not already covered by the product) and use the property "evaluatePathRestrictions=true" to speedup the path constraint checks. The content structure of a site should not have influence on your indexes.