AEM Custom Replication Agent on Publish - queue not found

srinir44531418 10-10-2018

We have need to flush akamai cache on replication and built a custom agent following an (older) project on Github. GitHub - nateyolles/aem-akamai-replication-agent: How to create custom replication agents in AEM usi...

Then we created agent under "Agents on author". UI shows up, we can set configuration etc and agent makes calls to Akmai, all good.

However, same configuration when created on Publish instance, under "Agents on publish", does not work.  UI shows up, we can set configuration etc. However, there is debug message about " Queue name com/day/cq/replication/job/akamai not found.  And on replicating content from author to publish, no calls are made into Transport Handler.

I checked the Felix Jobs console and typically the queue "com/day/cq/replication/job/akamai" would be created on author instance (when akamai agent is configure) as soon as first replication action is taken. However, no such queue topic is created on Publish no matter how we configure the agent on Publish.

Wondering if anyone know details around what code piece and when would it create queue topics for agents and is there is something else preventing the queue topic being created on publish ?    OOTB flush agent configured on Publish has corresponding queue topic created.

Appreciate it.

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srinir44531418 11-10-2018

Figured it out. The solution was quite obvious (and silly). Agents (specially the ones used for flushing activity) on publish need  "On Receive" checked on the Trigger tab of the agent configuration. And it also needs "Ignore Default" checked.  Looking back, it makes complete sense.

srinir44531418 10-10-2018

Thanks. I did review the other thread. That issue was result of space in the agent name (and on Author instance).

In our case, I can confirm that there are no spaces in the agent name (akamai).

Following scenario with works . on Author instance:

1. New agent created with name "akamai"

2. Content published

3. QueueTopic gets created (from OSGI Jobs screen)

4. Custom Transport Handler for the custom agent gets called

Following scenario does not work on Publish instance:

1. New agent created with name "akamai"

2. Content published from Author to Publish

3. QueueTopic is not created (from OSGi Jobs screen)

4. Custom Transport Handler is NOT invoked.

Only "message" we can find on Publish is the following. No exceptions or other errors.

---------- Queue com/day/cq/replication/job/akamai not found.


shashi1223 10-10-2018

Please refer to below links

queue for replication agent not found

  • Check whether the bundle is installed correctly.
  • Verify both content Builder and Transport Handler components are active.
  • Verify whether agent is enabled in configurations.
  • Post the test connection log