AEM 6.4 rich text editor-- not able to change list type when a list type has already been applied to text

sundarig9086821 07-01-2019


I am not able to change the list type when it is applied already for selected text.

EX: we retail site text component


When the bullet list has given to text sample1 we are not able to change to numbered list and paragraph formatting options has also been disabled.

Whereas both works fine for normal text.


Thanks in advance!!!

Answers (11)

Answers (11)



How many plugins you can see when you did not added rtePlugin node(default plugins)?

When you did not add uiSettings and retPlugins nodes, default plugins will be added.

sundarig9086821 09-01-2019

Hi arunpatidar26​/ smacdonald2008​,

Thanks for the update..

This has fixed the issue..

However, when i add in dialog field with a sling:resourceType=cq/gui/components/authoring/dialog/richtext  

with no rteplugin as child nodes the list functionality is not working.

It works fine in 6.1 not in 6.4.


When i use this component in page:


Once i give the list type i am not able to change it.

However if i add rteplugin from /apps/core/wcm/components/text/v2/text/cq:dialog/content/items/tabs/items/properties/items/columns/items/column/items/text/rtePlugins it works fine.

Any idea on this?

sundarig9086821 08-01-2019


The issue exists for both /libs/foundation/components/text & weretail/components/content/text.

And there is no error in console related to this.

sundarig9086821 07-01-2019

Hi Arun,

Thanks for the reply..

If i try i full mode also i have similar issue.

For ex: if i open the OOTB text component dialog in full mode and type a text "sample1" and when i select the text andclick on numbered or bullet icon nothing happens.