AEM 6.3: Need to implement auto search suggestions for DAM Asset collection

rajatp52282084 10-07-2018

Hi Team,

My requirement is to get the auto-search suggestions for DAM Asset Collection. As i have checked in my AEM instance there is no OOB functionality provided my AEM for DAM asset collection. So we need to implement this, As when we are giving any metadata values for any Asset collection folder in search box then we should have auto suggestions for the same.

I checked the same with assets, for that we are getting the auto-search suggestions. So is there any way to implement this for DAM asset collection. Please suggest.

Thanks & Regads,

Rajat Pandey

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ashu4pma 23-07-2018

No, AFAIU the Search Suggestion for Collections needs to be achieved at project level through custom implementation. No OOTB feature having this kind of support or close to this requirement.

You could use OmniSearch API to integrate the suggestions with OmniSearch result page.

Proposed steps:

1. Define endpoint which gets hit when entring fulltext at Assets collection page (see how it wokrs in case of Assets page)

2. It should trigger a sling component which call OmniSearchService.getSuggestion against fulltext passed

Make sure index used in collection search uses useInSuggest=true as per lucene documentation.

Jackrabbit Oak – Lucene Index