AEM 6.2 SP1 - CFP 5 - Touch UI edit mode not rendering the entire page.

mauriciol889322 17-07-2017

Hello everyone,

Im having problems with page editing in touch UI. It seems to be a miscalculation in the ContentWrapper´s height, which causes my pages to be grayed out after the fold. Also, there is a second scroll bar that appears in the part where the content is rendered.

Seeing the page in preview, classic UI and any other views shows it correctly, but editing it on Touch UI, is not working.


Its the same problem as: AEM 6.1 SP1 Component height not calculated correctly in edit mode touch UI but in this case, with AEM 6.2.

I have checked for negative margins, heights in % thay may cause problems, but nothing is working.

As the title points out, I have AEM 6.2 with SP1 and CFP 5.

Any ideas? Someone had this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

praveeb35460051 07-01-2020

It is known issue,

*Editor.html has limitations, in CSS vh units are not supported because the iframe height must be automatically adjusted by AEM(instead use % or px).

*100% height is not supported on a page's body element.


Margin collapsing problems can be seen if the first child element of the body element has a margin.

Check Out:-


amogh_d 19-07-2017

This issue is actually fixed in 6.2 SP1. I am not sure why you are getting the same issue. Still, there is work around to resolve this:


  getDocHeight: function (doc) {

   doc = doc || document;

   var body = doc.body,

   html = doc.documentElement;

   var height = Math.max(body.scrollHeight, body.offsetHeight,

   html.clientHeight, html.scrollHeight, html.offsetHeight);

   return height;


  setIframeHeight: function (id) {

   var ifrm = parent.document.getElementById(id);

   if (ifrm) {

   var doc = ifrm.contentDocument ? ifrm.contentDocument :

   ifrm.contentWindow.document; = 'hidden'; = "10px"; = CCweb.util.getDocHeight(doc) + 10 + "px"; = 'visible';



You can call function as setIframeHeight("ContentFrame") on page load. It will reset the iframe height and content will become scrollable.


mauriciol889322 19-07-2017


You are pointing me to the same link I posted on my question. I already have seen all the related posts, they all end up in nothing. There is people who was able to solve it, people who wasnt, and nobody reaches a firm conclusion on why this is happening.

I also clarified that looked for negative margins and heights in %, which are two of the possible causes mentioned in the link, but had no success.

This has been around since AEM 6.1, so saying that is a known issue is pretty embarrassing for Adobe. Two years and counting, an there isnt an effective fix for this?