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try below:

1. Go to the AEM instance where you have admin password.

2. Package admin node , you can find admin node from http://localhost:4502/useradmin

serach for admin and check Path

3. follow 2nd thread which you've shared but with your package.

Thats is

1) Stop AEM 6 instance

2) Place the package your package in <AEM_Home>/crx-quickstart/install

3) Start AEM 6 instance

4) Package should have installed. I

5) Login with admin crendentials.

For 6.2, you'll need to know the path to the admin user node in the instance you want to change.

1. Create a package with the admin account with a known password.

2. Download the package and update the node path and filter.xml to match the account on the target instance.

3. Upload package to install folder and restart AEM.

In error.log, you should see "content package installed"

AEM may refuse to install package because of missing rep:token.key, if this occurs, just make sure you are not including .tokens under the admin node.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.01.51 PM.png

paradox8071 18-07-2018

there is nothing under /home/users/a/ in my case, admin user node is placed under different (random) path which I find out by following the first comment from arunp99088702.

admin node path is different on each of the install instances of 6.1.

smacdonald2008 18-07-2018

Did you follow this procedure exactly as is - it will create another user for you...

Method 1

Create a package from another instance that includes the /home/users/a/admin (dev, staging, and so on) where you know the password. Download that package and copy it into crx-quickstart/install folder (create that folder if not existing). The package is installed and the user information updated, including the password.


You can go to the instance where you want to change the password using other account

and from useradmin console you can get the path like above.