ACS Commons 3.19.0, Classic UI to Touch UI Checkbox

AEMWizard 23-03-2020


I have a problem here where classic ui is saving the "checkbox" dialogue value to. String[] { "true" } or known as, [ "true" ]. When I try to render the Touch UI granite "checkbox" component, the check box field is not showing the correct check/uncheck state; this is because Touch UI expects just the string "true", and not String[] { "true"} or [ "true" ].

Classic UI have been used for many years within our organisation, and for multi-fields, String[] { "true"} or [ "true" ] are stored everywhere.

How do I ensure that my Touch UI granite "checkbox" component is showing the correct check/uncheck state, when the value in the JCR is String[] { "true" } or [ "string" ].


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