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stefanies325986 17-07-2019


we have a segment where we exclude "bad traffic" i.e. anormal high amount of hits from an unknown monitor resolution which looks like this is not human.

Unfortunately, the segment gets bigger and bigger. It takes minutes to load, so any change takes an hour.

Any ideas how to make the segment faster?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


can you share the segment definition by screenshot or tell us more how you define the segment? eg. what do you use within the segment?

maybe there are solutions to create a shorter segment, eg. with classifications...

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Answers (8)


if you always have the same "dimension" consider using classification!

example: assume your "exclude" is based on operating system and browser, different each month.

add a new prop to each server call like this


now you can use classification to set a "exclude" flag "badTraffic" for the desired month/browsers.

this solution allows to use a simple segment (just exclude the "badTraffic"). all you need to update is the classification file - and this can be done in advance!!!

kumararajak 18-07-2019

Hi Stefanie,

Unfortunately there is no option to improve the segment.

Best practice is to avoid this issue in future by excluding the bad traffic by using BOT rules Bot Rules overview


Kumararaja K

stefanies325986 18-07-2019


that's a good idea (segmentation). The segment contains browsers which are excluded for certain months, and user agents.

The issue is that we need to update the segment every month because at the moment I cannot add future months to the segment. And because the segment is used in other segments (i.e. our standard filter), we need to drag-and-drop it every time we make a change because there is no "auto-update" when you have a segment in another segment...

I'll try to classify browsers by month